We currently offer two services. I’m looking to work for individuals and businesses who want to invest in themselves by promoting their brand using the power of Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, I am looking to establish long-lasting relationships, however, there are no time commitments or obligations. You can cancel with us anytime you, please. That’s why I recommend to anyone to simply give one of our packages a shot. If you can afford to invest in yourself, DO IT!

Manual Engagement Services

Many people know the benefit of actively liking and commenting on Instagram. However, most don’t have the time to engage like that throughout the day. We will manually engage for you, each and every day, to get you maximum exposure. This will greatly increase your follows and likes and overall exposure. The subscription for this package is $1,000 per month. No time commitments or contracts. If you have the budget and realize this value I’d say give it a shot. We’d love to iron out the details with you if you are interested.

Ads Management Package

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A more affordable option would be to try out sponsored ads. If you don’t want to do this yourself please allow us to lift the burden and do it for you. We ask a very small fee to manage campaigns. Our monthly subscription packages start at $50 and up depending on how much you want to put toward the ads. We can also discuss custom packages for those wishing to invest more (or less) into their campaigns. No matter what your budget is we’ll get you on a monthly subscription that you will be able to afford. We’d be happy to go over all the details of your prospective campaign and get you cranking.

Once you pick a package and set up your subscription payment the process is simple: You don’t have to do a thing. We’ll set up, manage and optimize the whole campaign for you for as long as you are on board. We have streamlined the complicated processes so you can focus on other aspects of your business and life. If you’re someone who believes in the value of outsourcing you have come to the right place! Starting today we will affordably leverage your time. Leave the tedious and complicated work to us.

We work extremely hard to ensure that your campaign will bring your business exactly what it needs. When done properly, marketing through Facebook and Instagram can be incredibly effective. Whether you’re looking for more clicks to your website, sales, likes or simply more exposure in general, we have you covered.

In today’s competitive environment, distinguishing yourself is key and Social Media Marketing is vital. We understand the importance of exposure. We will get you in front of large audiences, potential clients and bigger networks. We will help you transform your business into a marketing monster. It’s your lucky day because we are going to make this powerful social media platform work for you and your business. Your brand’s exposure will increase exponentially.. guaranteed!

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