Tips and tricks to get more followers and likes on Instagram

There are many benefits to having a large and active instagram account. There is a sense of instant credibility when another user visits an active account. If everyone likes it it must be good right?

I’m not going to bore you on the obvious benefits of having a popular Instagram account but I will tell you how to get one step by step:

Step 1:

Post Good Content!

Its important to put yourself in the passenger’s seat here so to speak. After looking at your posts, would you follow you?.. Post compelling photos. Think outside the box. Post things that you would find interesting.

Lets say you are a doughnut shop in a local area. Maybe instead of posting a million pictures of doughnuts over and over, mix things up. Perhaps post pictures of local landmarks or attractions near your store. To do this you don’t necessarily need to go trekking around town with your lousy camera and less than efficient camera skills/ artistic ability. You could simply re-post another person’s work by finding a photo that someone else took and share it on your page (giving then a photo credit , of course). The point I’m trying to make here is you can get creative with content creation. Post quotes. Do anything to add value to your page and give people a reason to follow you.

Step 2:


The secret to getting more followers and likes on instagram is to simply engage with others. You will want to be as active as you possibly can by liking, commenting and following users. Try to target and interact people that would be relevant to you or you business. Each time you like, comment and follow someone a notification will be sent to their phone notifying them. They will most likely take notice of your account and of course, a percentage will engage back.

It really boils down to number here. The more people that you interact with, the more people will take notice of your account and engage back and hopefully become a customer and or follower. If you can consistently do this everyday, over the course of time you will amass a large following and build a active and credible Instagram account.

And there you have it, my secret formula: How to get more followers and likes on Instagram.

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