Our Inception

Hello everyone! My name is, Meagon. I wanted to write this first blog post about how our company came to fruition. I’ll do my best to keep it short and to the point 🙂 A little over a year ago, my fiancee Mike and I wanted to sell our own coffee product / brand. As we began to formulate the company we decided to be proactive and begin an Instagram marketing campaign. Our goal was to establish a large following before launch so we could tease our product and ultimately have an audience to launch our product to…

We named our soon-to-be coffee company “The Coffee Junkie“. Naturally, we created our Instagram account and got to work. Then something funny happened. Within days we had more followers than Folgers, Lavazza, Mr. Coffee and the list goes on. I thought to myself how is this happening? Instantaneously, a light bulb went off. I realized we had something here.

The more I looked around the more I saw businesses and individuals posting content that was just not being seen by many people. From name brands,  to artists, professional athletes, local businesses, you name it. And the crazy part here is we were not doing anything revolutionary. We just started actively interacting (a lot) with other coffee lovers.

I was shocked that nobody was taking advantage of Instagram’s built in interaction functionality but saw this as an opportunity and realized I had a skill set and a systematic approach that could be replicated from account to account, business to business. And that I could offer this as service to those who wanted to explore their page’s full potential. And there you have it, M Global Social was born.

Ever since then we have been offering our expertise and engagement services to our partners who have all been experiencing tremendous growth and penetration. Our portfolio has grown and we get more and more experience everyday. Its pretty exciting what we  have been able to accomplish and I can’t wait to write more about this powerful platform and how it can transform your company.

See? I told you I’d keep it short.. But whats a blog post without a little plug? 🙂

Truthfully, with a little bit of creativity, time and hard work, anyone can replicate what we did. But realistically who has the time to be on Social Media all day while managing all the other aspects of their business and personal life? Perhaps its time to outsource. I invite you to reach out to us and mention that you read the blog and lets talk about you/ your company and how we can use Instagram to get you in front of massive amounts of people. Thanks for reading by the way 🙂 As a token of our appreciation we would like to extend to you our friends and family rate. Just mention it when we talk with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do.
  • No time commitments…
  • Satisfaction or your money back guarantee!

Click here to get started 🎯📈

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